Salad Dingin
Assorted cold appetizer
Salad Kombinasi
Seafood salad
Sup Asparagus Kepiting
Crab chowder with asparagus
Sup Hisit
Shark's fin chowder
Sup Jagung Ayam
Chicken chowder with corn
Sup Jagung Kepiting
Crab chowder with corn
Ayam Cah Kembang Kol
Sauteed chicken with cauliflower
Ayam Garam
Steamed & salted chicken
Ayam Goreng Kering
Deep fried crispy chicken
Ayam Goreng Mentega
Fried chicken with margarine sauce
Ayam Ham
Chicken and ham roll
Ayam Rebus Minyak Jahe
Steamed chicken with ginger sauce
Bebek Panggang
Roasted duck
Bistik Ayam
Fried chicken fillet
Burung Dara Goreng Kering
Deep fried pigeon
Burung Dara Goreng Mentega
Fried pigeon with margarine sauce
Kuluyuk Ayam
Chicken fillet with sweet & sour sauce
Cah Fumak
Sauteed fumak with garlic
Cah Po Cai
Sauteed po cai
Cah Tao Miao
Sauteed tao miao
Cah Tao Miao Daging Kepiting
Sauteed tao miao with crab meat
Kailan Cah
Sauteed kailan
Kailan Saos Tiram
Sauteed kailan with oyster sauce
Kangkung Cah
Sauteed kangkung
Sapi Cah Kailan
Sauteed beef with kailan
Siong Mak Cah
Sauteed siong mak
Tauge Cah
Sauteed bean sprout
Tauge Cah Ikan Asin
Sauteed bean sprout with salted dried fish
Babat Jarit Hitam Cah Tauge
Sauteed beef stomach with bean sprout
Babat Jarit Hitam Rebus
Steamed beef stomach
Babat Putih Cah Tauge
Sauteed white beef stomach with bean sprout
Bistik Sapi
Fried beef steak
Sapi Cah Jahe
Sauteed beef with ginger
Sapi Cah Kailan
Sauteed beef with kailan
Sapi Lada Hitam
Black pepper beef
Sapi Saus Tiram
Sauteed beef with oyster sauce
Angsio Pau Hie
Abalone in oyster sauce
Cingkong Kepiting Goreng
Deep fried crab claw with shrimp ball
Cumi Goreng Cabe Bawang
Calamari with chili and garlic
Cumi Goreng Tepung
Daging Gurame Cah Kapri
Sauteed gouramy fillet with green pea
Daging Gurame Kuah
Gouramy fillet soup
Ikan Gurame Asam Manis
Sweet and sour fried gouramy
Ikan Gurame Kuah
Gouramy with beancurd soup
Ikan Gurame Tahu Tausi
Gouramy with bean paste
Ikan Gurame Tim
Steamed gouramy
Juhi Cah Kapri
Sauteed dried squid with pea
Juhi Kecil Cah Tahu Kuning
Sauteed dried squid with bean curd
Kuah Baso Ikan
Fish ball soup
Kuah Baso Ikan & Tito
Fish ball and pig stomach soup
Lumpia Goreng
Prawn spring roll
Mun Haisom
Braised sea cucumber with chicken meat
Udang Cah Kailan
Sauteed prawn with kailan
Udang Goreng Mayonaise
Udang Goreng Mayonaise
Udang Goreng Tepung
Deep fried prawn
Udang Pacet Goreng Mentega
Tiger prawn with margarine sauce
Udang Rebus Minyak Jahe
Boiled prawn with ginger sauce
Angsio Bakut
Sweet and sour pork ribs
Babi Hong
Steamed cubed pork
Babi Kuluyuk
Sweet and sour pork
Bakut Goreng Kering
Deep fried pork ribs
Baso Babi Goreng
Fried minced pork ball
Baso Babi Kuah
Steamed minced pork ball soup
Baso Babi Tim
Steamed minced pork ball soup
Ginjal Babi Cah
Sauteed pig kidney
Sam Kip Tie Kuah
Pig stomach soup
Tito Ciam
Sauteed pig kidney
Tito Kuah
Pig kidney soup
Angsio Tahu
Braised beancurd
Bakmi Goreng
Fried noodle
Bakmi Goreng Ulang Tahun
Birthday fried noodle
Bihun Goreng
Fried vermicelli
Fu Yung Hai
Crab meat omelette with sweet & sour souce
Ie Fu Mie
Fried E Fu noodle
Kodok goreng Mentega
Fried frogs with margarine sauce
Lindung Cah Fumak
Stir fried eel with fumak
Lindung Goreng Mentega
Deep fried eel with margarine sauce
Mun Saklon
Mun Saklon
Mun Tahu
Beancurd with shrimp and minced pork
Nasi Goreng
Fried rice
Saklon Goreng Mentega
Fried toad with margarine sauce
Sapo Tahu Seafood
Beancurd and seafood in claypot
Soun Goreng
Fried glass noodle